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The mobile-friendly countries of the world game

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Test your knowledge of the world and learn along the way. Quiz modes include borders, trivia, flags, map shapes and populations. Each quiz mode can be played for any or multiple continents. Click the hamburger menu to customise your game or select one of the predefined options on this page. Once you answer a question correctly, geogee will track your progress which you can view on the homepage. You can install geogee as a web app on your phone or play in your web browser. Once you have played geogee once, you should then be able to play offline. This means that you can play when on an airplane (in airplane mode) or when riding the subway!

When playing online, you can invite friends to play against you in multiplayer mode!

If you want to receive geogee questions on the go then be sure to sign up for push notifications. If you would like to bookmark this site you can do so on desktop by pressing Cmd+D (Mac) / Ctrl+D (Windows).

Questions in multiplayer mode have to be answered in a set time so remember not to take too long answering each question. When you get an answer wrong (in single player mode), geogee will let you try that question again until you succeed.

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